Giải bài tập tiếng anh lớp 12 Unit 2 CULTURAL DIVERSITY

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UNIT 2: CULTURAL DIVERSITY I. Check (V) the correct column according to how the -ed is pronounced. /t/ /d/ ./id/ /t/ /d/ /id/ 1. talked 11.enjoyed 2. missed 12.decided 3. washed 13.rugged 4. called 14.watched 5. occurred’ 15.rented 6. wretched 16. robbed 7. invited 17.faxed 8. polluted 18.laughed 9. studied 19.helped 10. closed 20.demanded II. Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box. confide determine maintain oblige precede believe reject sacrifice conduct demand attract 1. The negotiations have been in a positive manner. 2. She used to in him whenever she had a problem. 3. Verbs are usually by the subject in English. 4. Your health is in part by what you eat. 5. This is the most efficient way to build up and a reasonable level of physical fitness. 6. Most mothers will themselves for the sake of their children. 7. They are to sell their house in order to pay their debts. 8. Customers have the right to faulty goods and a refund. 9. I had always been by the idea of working abroad.