Bài tập tiếng anh lớp 12 Unit 1 Home life có đáp án

Mời các bạn học sinh tham khảo Bài tập tiếng anh lớp 12 Unit 1 Home life có đáp án. Các bạn có thể xem online (đáp án ở cuối bài), tải file word về ở link bên dưới nhé.


HOME LIFE I. Write /s/, /z/ or /iz/ to show how the -s ending is pronounced. 1. potatoes 11. caves 21. Learns 2. rubs 12. plays 22. Stops 3. cooks 13. maps 23. Digs 4. rises 14. flats 24. churches 5. clothes 15. bathes 25. comes 6. lengths 16. baths 26. Rose’s 7. calculates 17. stages 27. Daniel’s 8. reads 18. wears ’ 28. Frank’s 9. massages 19. thanks 29. Elizabeth’s 10. laughs 20. coughs 30. Smith’s II. Complete each of the following sentences with an appropriate word from the box. frankly shifts mischief chores confidence trick leftovers hands close-knit laboratory 1. I come from a family; we never keep secrets from one another, 2. Spoiled children are often up to 3. The more he fails, the more he loses in his abilities. 4. are the, uneaten edible remains of a meal after the meal is over. 5. She speaks about her broken-heart when love affairs fail. 6. It would be nice if we can join to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 7. Men do roughly 20 percent of household like laundry and cleaning. 8. The thought of working night put her off becoming a nurse. 9. Typical pharmaceutical scientists spend most of their time in a . 10. He didn’t really have a serious accident – that’s just a III. Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word in brackets. 1. This insurance plan offers your family financial in the event of your death, (secure) 2. She is a very woman. She is always helpful and sympathetic toward other people, (care) 3. If you continue to the rules, you will be punished, (obedient) 4. She was unable, or ,togiveme further details, (will) 5. She has been involved in many human rights campaigns, (act) 6. They were seeking an ultimate to the city’s traffic problem, (solve) 7. The electric company admitted their for the blackout, respond) 8. My family has always been very of what I do, (support) 9. Students now live with a lot of from their studies, (press) 10. Boys are considered more , and stubborn than girls, mischief)