Giáo án tiếng anh lớp 10 phương pháp mới học kì 1

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UNIT 1: FAMILY LIFE GETTING STARTED – Household chores Date of planning: ……/……./2018 Date of teaching: ……/……./2018 I. AIMS/OBJECTIVES OF THE LESSON 1. Language focus: – To help learners get started with some language items in Unit 1 – For vocabulary, that is words and phrases related to household chores and duties – For pronunciation, that is how to pronounce /tr, kr, br/ – For grammar, that is the distinction between the present simple and the present progressive 2. Skills: – To help learners get started with 4 skills in Unit 1 – Reading: Read about the benefits of sharing housework – Speaking: Exchange opinions about household chores – Listening: Listen to people talk about the roles of family members – Writing: Write about doing household chores in the family 3. Attitudes: – To help Ss get started for Unit 1 with the topic “family life” – To provide Ss some motivation II. . PREPARATION 1. Teacher: – Teaching aids: textbook, lesson plan – Teaching method: Communicative language teaching 2. Students: – Read through English Unit 1 – getting started at home III. PROCEDURE 1. Class organization: (1 minute) 2. Check up: (omitted) 3. New lesson: (40 minutes)