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GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 9 CHƯƠNG TRÌNH THÍ ĐIỂM chia sẻ cùng bạn bộ giáo án tiếng anh 9 chương trình thí điểm cả năm. Mời các bạn tham khảo.



Lesson 1 – GETTING STARTED:  A visit to a traditional craft village


  1. OBJECTIVES: By the end of this Unit, students will be able to:
  • Use some vocabularies and structures to talk about traditional crafts and places of interest in an area

II . PREPARATION:  sub -board, pictures, cassette



Teacher’s  and students’ activities


Activity 1: 

-Ask Ss to open their books and look at the picture and the phrase under GETTING STARTED. Ask them some questions:

“Who and what can you see in the picture?”

“Where are they?”

“What do you think the people in the picture are talking about?”

-Ss answer the questions as a class. If they mention ‘Bat Trang’, elicit what they know about this village.

-Play the recording and have Ss follow along. After that, Ss can compare their answers with the information in the dialogue and add some more details to their answers.

a/.Ss work independently to find the words with the given meanings in the dialogue. Allow Ss to share their answers before asking them to discuss as a class. Remember to ask Ss to read out the lines in the dialogue that contain the words. Quickly write the correct answers on the board.

-Have Ss look at the Watch out! box and quickly read the information. Tell them that there are some similar expressions such as ‘as far as I can remember’, ‘as far as I can see’, or ‘as far as I can tell’.

b/.Have Ss read the questions to make sure they understand them. Ask them firstly to answer the questions without reading the dialogue again. Ss exchange their answers with a classmate. Now ask them to check their answers by reading the dialogue again. Ask for Ss’ answers.

Activity 2: 

-Have Ss look at the pictures. Tell Ss that in the box are some traditional handicrafts of different regions in Viet Nam. Ss match these handicrafts with the pictures. Ss compare their answers in pairs before giving their answers to T:

Activity 3: 

-Tell Ss to complete the sentences with the words/phrases in The complete sentences will give Ss information about the places where the handicrafts are made. Call on two Ss to write their answers on the board. Confirm the correct answers.

-If time allows, T may organise a short activity to check Ss’ short-term memory. Have -Ss close their books. Point at each of Ss’ answers on the board and quickly Ss have to call out the place where this handicraft is made. Ss can also be asked to share any other places that produce these handicrafts.

Activity 4: 

a/Ss work in pairs to do the quiz. The pair which has the answers the fastest is invited to read out their answers. Elicit feedback from other pairs. Confirm the correct answers.

b/Ss work in groups to write a similar quiz about places of interest. Set a time limit of about five to seven minutes. When time is up, ask the first group to read out a question in their quiz. Ss from other groups give the answer. The group confirms the correct answer. The second group then reads out a question in their quiz. This question should be different from the one of the first group. Continue the activity until all the groups have read out all of their questions or when time is up.









1.      craft

2.      set up

3.      take over

4.      artisans

5.      attraction

6.      specific region

7.      remind

8.      look round


1.They are at Phong’s grand-

parents’ workshop in Bat Trang

2. It’s about 700 years old.

3. His great-grandmother did.

4. buy things for their house and make pottery themselves there.

5. It’s in Hue.

6. … the handicrafts remind them of a specific region.


A. paintings       B. drums

C. marble sculptures D. pottery

E. silk                F. lacquerware

G. conical hats  H. lanterns


1.      conical hat

2.      lanterns

3.      silk

4.      paintings

5.      Pottery

6.      marble sculptures




1.      park

2.      museum

3.      zoo

4.      beach

5.      beauty spot



-Practice reading the dialogue.

-Write new words then learn them by heart.

-Copy the exercise into notebooks.

-Prepare A CLOSER LOOK 1

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