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Câu hỏi ôn thi thăng hạng lên giáo viên hạng III môn tiếng anh


Question 1. Jane and I ________ school in 1987.
a. finish b. have finished c. finishes d. finished
Question 2. John and Ann ________ married last Saturday.
a. get b. got c. is getting d. have got
Question 3. He ________ up at five every morning.
a. is getting b. got c. gets d. was getting
Question 4. ________ you sometimes _______ out with friends?
a. Are/going b. Do/go c. Have/gone d. Did/go
Question 5. They ________ a house in June next year.
a. will build b. were building c. have built d. built
Question 6. She ________ the gold medal in 1986.
a. wins b. have won c. won d. has won
Question 7. She lives in ________ top floor of an old house.
a. an b . any c. a d. the
Question 8. Mr Smith is________ old customer and________ honest man.
a. the/ an b. an / the c. an/ an d. the/ the
Question 9. The Smiths has ________ baby.
a. a two- year- old b. a two – year – older
c. a two –years – old d. the two- year- old
Question 10. My mother goes to ________ school to meet my sister’s teache
a. Ø b. a c. the d. an
Question 11. He works six days ________ week.
a. in b. for c. a d. Ø
Question 12. I’ve seen ________ good films recently.
a. a b. the c. some d. an
Question 13. There is a shop _____ front _____ my house.
a. at / in b. out / next c. in / of d. of / in
Question 14. I haven’t gone there _____ ages.
a. with b. in c. for d. of
Question 15. Most college football games are played ___Saturdays.
a. at b. in c. with d. on
Question 16. Leaves turn color _______ the autumn.
a. for b. on c. at d. in
Question 17. She looks ________ than me.
a. thinner b. thin c. thinnest d. thinly

Question 18. Bill Gates is one of the ________ men in the world.
a. rich b. richer c. richest d. richly
Question 19. It is ________ to go swimming.
a. too cold b. so cold c. such a cold d. enough cold that
Question 20. If he _______ with us now, he would enjoy the nature beauty of Dat Mu
National Park
a. is b. was c. had d. were
Question 21. If you__________ time, please write to me.
a. have b. had c. have had d. has
Question 22. ‘How do you do?’ – ‘________’
a. I’m well, thanksb. Yeah, OK c. How do you do? d. Not too bad
Question 23. A: ‘Hello. My name is Thu .Nice to meet you.’
B: ‘Hello. ________ . Pleased to meet you.’
a. That’s fine. b. Really? c. Good d. I’m Susan .
Question 24. – Hung: ‘Thank you very much for a lovely party.’
– Hoa: ‘________’
a. Thanks b. Have a good day c. You are welcome d. Cheers
Question 25. A: ‘Thank you for coming to meet us’
B: ‘________’

a. You are welcome
Not at all
b. Same to you c. Thank you tood.

Question 26. If you had the chance, ____________ you go abroad?
a. did b. may c. would d. do
Question 27. I want to know the reason________ he told you last night.
a. why b. which c. where d. when
Question 28. London is the city ________I have visited several times.
a. whose b. where c. who d. which
Question 29. Sunday is the day_________ most of the Christians usually go to church
a. which b. when c. that d. who
Question 30. This is the place _________ I met my wife.
a. what b. where c. which d. that
Question 31. John __________ at this moment.
a. arrive b. arrives c. is arriving d. was arriving
Question 32. I have never _________ her before.
a. saw b. seeing c. seen d. see
Question 33. When I get home, I often ___________ TV.
a. see b. watch c. am seeing d. am watching
Question 34. My sister __________ English in Can Tho University at the present.
a. has learnt b. learnt c. learns d. is learning
Question 35. I’m sorry, I’m busy tonight. I __________ to the cinema.
a. am going b. went c. go d. have gone
Question 36. He ___________to his parents recently.
a. writes b. wrote c. has written d. was writing

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