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Date of preparation: 01/ 01/ 2019 Date of Teaching: 05/ 01/ 2019 TIẾT 55: UNIT 6. ENDANGERED SPECIES LESSON 1. GETTING STARTED A. Objectives: 1. Language focus: – The topic of Unit 6: “Endangered species”, to Endangered species. – To check students’ comprehension thorough questions and answers – To help learners get started with some language items in Unit 6 2. Skills: – To help learners get started with 4 skills in Unit 6. – Reading: Reading for general ideas and specific information. – Speaking: Talking about how to protect endangered species. – Listening: Listening for specific information. – Writing: Writing a report about endangered species. 3. Attitudes: – To help Ss get started for Unit 6 with the topic “Endangered species” – To provide Ss some motivation B. Preparations: – Teacher: Handouts, textbook, lesson plan, papers and cassette. – Students: Textbook C. Methods: – The whole lesson: Integrated, mainly communicative. D. Procedures: Time/Stages Activities Interactions 1. Warm up 5 minutes – Look at the pictures and name the animals – T shows the pictures and has Ss name the animals. – T asks Ss the questions to elicit the new lesson. T <--> Ss 2. New lesson 17 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes Activity 1: Listen and read – T. plays the recording, asks Ss to listen and read silently. – Ss listen and read silently. – T. tells Ss that they are going to listen to a conversation between Mr. Willis, Simon and Lisa. Activity 2: Decide whether the statements are True, False or Not Given. – Ask Ss to read the statements individually first. – Encourage Ss to provide reasons for their answers. – T gives feedback. Key: 1.T 2.F 3.NG 4.T 5.T 6.F Activity 3: Find a word in the conversation to complete each of the following phrases/ expressions. – Sts are asked to do this exercise individually. – Ask Ss to read the incomplete phrases. – T gives feedback. Key: 1. Extinct 2. Extinction 3. Endangered 4. Build Activity 4: Read the conversation again and write the correct forms of the verbs in brackets – Sts do this exercise individually and then compare their answers with their partners. – Ask Ss to read the conversation again and write the correct form for the given verbs in the space provided. – T gives feedback and introduces the Future Perfect. Key: 1. Will have gathered 2. Will have walked T <--> Ss Whole class Individually T <--> Ss Individually or Pair work T <--> Ss 3. Consolidation 2 minutes – Ask Ss: What have you learnt today? What can you do now? – Summarize the main points of the lesson. T <--> Ss 4. Homework 1 minute – Ask Ss to learn by heart the words or phrases related to the topic – Prepare for the next lesson. T <--> Ss