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GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH LỚP 1 ABC ENGLISH 1 chia sẻ tập giáo án tiếng anh lớp 1 được biên soạn theo chương trình ABC English 1. Mời các bạn tham khảo.

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Unit 01: Letter A
1. Aim of the lesson:
*At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
-Say the letter A
-Know the word beginning letter A
2. Language focus:
*Pronunciation: A, apple, cat
*Vocabulary: apple, cat
3. Procedure of the teacher and students:
Step Teacher’s activities Student’s activities
Warm-up *Introducing the letter “A”
-Teacher gives out the letter “A” and ask “How do you spell this word in Vietnamese?”
-Teacher write the letter “A” and read “ei” for twice
-Asking students to read after
-Asking some students to read aloud
-And then ask letter “A” in Vietnamese
-Chữ A-Listen
-Two or three student to read
02: Presentation *Listen and repeat
-Introducing the “apple” and “cat”
-Teacher read
-Student repeat
*Read and match
-Teacher gives a picture of apple and read “ép pồ” for three time
-Asking students to read after
-Asking “what does the word apple mean?”
-Teacher gives a picture of cat and read “két” for three time
-Asking students to read after
-Asking “Cat what does this word mean?”
-Teacher write the word “apple” and “cat” by playing game “Hang man”
-Devide class into two groups and play
+Teacher gives the rule of game
+gives marks and right answer
*Read and match
-Look at the picture and ask them about it
-Have them discuss in the table and join in student’s book
-Call some of students to read
-practicing pronounciation
-Teacher links the pictrre on the board and read aloud
-Asking students to read after
*Complete the word
-Fill letter “A” in text book
-Practicing writing
+Teacher asks student to complete the word:
-pple -> apple and c-t -> cat
*Listen and read
-Give a picture in the text book and introducing the picture
-A girl is giving an apple for a boy
-Teacher read and ask students to find the word that they’ve just learn
-Asking students to repeat
*Let’s talk
-Students use the picture to talk each other students:
“an apple for you”
“thank you”
-Teacher correct them
*Let’s play
Complete the puzzle
-Teacher give two pictures about a cat and an apple and asks students to complete the puzzle
-Answer key word:
-Asking students to read aloud the letter which they’ve completed.
*Listen and recite:
-Teacher read for two times
-Student reads after
-Translate in to Vietnamese



-Answer: quả táo

-Answer: con mèo
-Join and play

-Discuss and join by pencill


-Fill by pencill

-Do exercise

-Fill and answer

-Work pair

-Work in group


03: Practice *Reminds students to learn by heart and write all vocabulary Fallow the teacher

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